Written by Dale Martin/Art Lead

The circus maximus track is an ultra modem version of the original. The new track is built directly above the older ruined track. It is still possible to see the old track under the new track showing the contrast between the architecture and the materials both from the older track and the newer track.



The games colour palette is warm reflecting the geographical location of the game. The colours used are warm browns, reds, oranges, yellows complemented with light blues. The colours are reflected both in the landscape surrounding the track with the atmosphere and the geology of the surrounding rocks and buildings. The climate of the location is going to be warm this too will show a warm colour palette in the environment.

The racing tracks having a ultra modern look to it will be comprised of a metal interlocked sheets covering the surface of the racing circuit. The metal plates will be tinted slightly blue due to the sky reflecting from the track.
The track itself is being held directly above the older roman track by huge metal struts that are bolted into the old ruined track and the ground below.

The crowed stands are set out like the boxes you have in stadiums today. They have glass fronts so the spectators can see the action without actually being exposed to the elements. All spectators are indoors. The stands are also vertical in design much like the stands shown in harry potter and the goblet of fire. These stands have metal plates covering the side facing the track interlocking again like the race track. The windows in the stands are set out like horizontal slits. This gives the stands a more ultra modern look to them. The Windows themselves have a yellow glow to them which would help to give then feel that the stands are packed with supporters for the sport.


The are many different light sources in the stadium. The following are in order of illumination:

  1. Sky will be the most prominent light source for the stadium.
  2. Flood lights above the stands. These will be distributed around the top of the stands pointing down onto the track. The flood lights have a circular ball look to them suspended above the stadium with support the aid of a support arm attached to the stadium roof. The yellow and orange colour given off by the light will give it a flame look to give it a traditional roman torch look.
  3. Symbols (neon) attached to the bottom of the stands which are meant to illuminate the edges of the track with
  4. Spectator windows will give out a yellow light, illuminating the metal sheets around them.
  5. Pressure pads will give off a blue light which will illuminate small portions of the track around them.

The vehicles in the game all have a similar look to them. All vehicles in the game will be covered in armoured plates. The plates are built so they have an aggressive look to them due to them being built with knife like plates around the vehicles.
The plates are configured to give the vehicles an aerodynamic look. This is done by the plates pointing into then forward direction of movement. The vehicles have a mixture of gold and silver plates on the outside. This is due to the massive support this sport has from the emperor.

Race Car: This vehicle is the small buggy type which follows the look of a dragon to make it look small but aggressive. A look of a chariot has been used in the design for this vehicle. This is been done by adding spikes on the back wheels of the vehicles like the ones the original chariots might have used.


Blocker: This vehicle has a more stable, slower look to it with the two large back wheels and two smaller front wheels. This design has more of armadillo look to with the metal plates curling around the wheels of the vehicle. This vehicle is a large turret attached to the back of the vehicle. In order to make the vehicle look more stable and not so top heavy the turret has been lent back to give the vehicle more a balanced look it.


Both male and female characters have similar styles of dress. The both wear Kevlar body suits which are a blue colour in appearance. The Kevlar suit (much like Batman’s suit) shows off the muscle definition of the characters.
Above the body suit armoured plates are worn by the characters. The armoured plates have a polished gold colour and are quite substantially thick in order to show resistance against damage.

The male character has a muscular build. He has golden plates covering shoulders, waist, left bicep, arms, knees, lower legs and toes. The male character also has a skirt section that is connected to a belt with a glowing blue centre. The skirt section is red and covers his genital area.
He wears a mask which is a polished gold plate, connected with a buckle at the back of the head. The mask is connected to a textile section which swoops over the head of the head of the male similar to a roman centurion.

The female character has an hour glass figure. She has golden plates covering breasts, wrists, right hip, groin, both knees, lower legs (plated boots) and both shoulders (spiked plates). The female character has an Italian style mask, gold plated, covering the eyes, and shoulder length hair. Her Kevlar body suit has a visible seam up the chest, coloured red, and red stripes along the suit moving up her shoulders. It’s also a low cut top showing cleavage to maintain femininity.


In order to give game a dramatic and intense feel the soundtrack will consist of a classical instrumental music. This will be contrasted with modern rock in order to better contrast the classical music and maintain the feeling of duality with the old and the new throughout the game. When the action heats up, the music in game will switch to rock in order to better facilitate the action.


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