Competitive Analysis

There are many combat racing games available that can be compared to the racing element of Nex Apparatus, but there are none that we have discovered that allow the player to exit their vehicle and interact with the environment, and affect the outcome of the race, on foot. Comparing Nex Apparatus with other games could, therefore, be misleading. However, the games that are listed below are representative of those that we feel are likely to be our closest competitors in the combat racing genre.

• Fatal Inertia EX - Combat racing game with cars that hover above ground. Racing is fun but tactics are limited by the weapon that the player is carrying, this reduces the game to a simple race with the ability to fire on other cars to slow them down.
• Mario Kart - As Fatal Inertia but with comedy.
• Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars - Play pool with cars. The game is fun but controls are quite difficult and scoring is as much about luck as it is about skill and tactics.
• Auto Assault - Vehicle combat with the ability to leave the vehicle, but this was a role playing game, not a racing game.
• Split Second - Use your driving skills to gain power to set off explosions that can hinder your opponents’ progress and alter the layout of the track. No real tactical play, no team play.

Although there are many games available that have one or more features similar to Nex Apparatus we believe that there is no other game that offers the same combination of combat, racing and tactical team play.

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