Game Play


Although Nex Apparatus can be played as a single player game it is primarily aimed at multi player. Teams of gladiators race against each other to gain the emperors favour, but only one car on each team needs to complete the set number of laps to win the race. This offers a wide variety of opportunities to the other players in the team. Some types of vehicles are listed below.

• The 'Race' car is a light, fast, lightly armed buggy or sports car style vehicle that is used to complete laps as quickly as possible.
• Interceptors are similar to the 'Race' car but are more heavily armed and slightly slower.
• Blockers are larger vehicles, comparable to sports utility vehicles, that are much more heavily armed and will have a second crew member operating a turret or pedestal mounted weapon in the rear. These may also be armed with oil or smoke dispensers to slow the opposition.
• Defenders are large, truck like, vehicles that move slowly but are heavily armed and support a limited force field that gives some protection to friendly vehicles that are within a few feet of them.

As all but one of the vehicles in a team are unable to 'score' laps they are free to travel around the track in any direction and so many possibilities are available as far as tactical play is concerned.

Players are also able to leave their vehicles. This is possibly the most important factor in making this game unique. While on foot the players have no personal weapons and can be mowed down or shot at by other players in vehicles, but they are able to interact with static weaponry and other controls that are placed around the track. These may include;

• Weapon turrets that may be used to fire on other players. These could be operated by the player or, on some occasions, be automated turrets that are simply turned on or off by the player.
• Barriers that can be lowered onto the track to affect the flow of traffic.
• Ramps that can be raised or lowered to affect the traffic.

In some races it may also be possible for such features to be turned on or off by driving over small triggers placed around the track, much like collecting power ups in games such as Mario Kart.

Each team will have a pit lane which offers safety, but stops them affecting what is going on in the race while they are in it. It will be possible to make a 'pit stop' to repair a vehicle and regain health, but the pit lane will also act as a respawn area. There will be monitors inside the pit lane showing what is happening on the track so that players can choose when it is safe to leave the pits and there will be a small zone around the pit exit where the player, and their vehicle, is invulnerable. This will help to reduce the possibilities for 'spawn camping' tactics.


In career mode (single player) the player will attempt to win a series of racing events in order to win the Nex Apparatus league and other tournaments. In this mode the emphasis will be placed upon the player racing his/her car around a track that is strewn with traps and enemies trying to stop them.

In multi player mode players will work together in teams to defeat the opposition. There will be two teams starting on opposite sides of a circuit and they will attempt to win the race by protecting their own 'race' car while stopping the oppositions 'race' car. This mode aims to promote tactical game play and is expected to be by far the most rewarding experience a player can have with Nex Apparatus.

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