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Nex Apparatus is a combat racing game set in modern Rome, but in this Rome the empire never fell and highly developed forms of gladiatorial combat are the most popular forms of entertainment. Primarily aimed at the multiplayer market, the player takes on the role of a modern day gladiator and uses his/her motor vehicle as a weapon.

• Tactical Game Play - Teams of gladiators work together to enable one of their team to complete the required number of laps to win the race.
• Passengers - Vehicles will often be capable of carrying more than one player, sometimes as secondary gunners, sometimes simply as passengers.
• Get out of the car! - Players are able to leave their vehicles to operate static weaponry and traps that are scattered about the race track in order to help their team or hinder the opposition.
• Pit Lane - A 'safe' pit lane will allow players and vehicles to re-spawn in safety and video screens will show them what's happening outside before they leave.
• Career Mode - In the single player game players are able to amass fortunes through successful racing and then spend their cash on new vehicles or upgrades to those that they already own.
• Interactive Environment - A wide variety of terrain features will be used by the players to affect the race track and the other players travelling on it.
• Beautiful Environment - The race tracks are built with modern technology laid over ancient Roman architecture giving a fabulous contrast between old and new.

• Age Group - The game is aimed at older children and adults. Although the game is violent in nature the elimination of death and physical combat and only very limited use of blood should allow the game to be certified no higher than 15, possibly as low as 12.
• Sex - As with most action games it is expected that Nex Apparatus will have limited appeal to the female audience. However, it is hoped that the sporting nature of the contest and the interesting setting would not be unattractive to that audience.
• Interests - The game will appeal to those who like arcade style racing games (Mario Kart, Fatal Inertia, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars etc.) and team based tactical games (Counter Strike, Rainbow Six) as Nex Apparatus is a combination of both genres.
• Hardware - The game will work equally well on PC, PS3, XBOX 360 and Wii. The ability to communicate with other team members will be important in multiplayer and so this lends itself, in particular, to those with voice communication abilities. It would be possibly to produce a version for DS and PSP but there would be limitations on the scope of the game due to screen size and graphical ability.

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