UI Interface

In the final product of Nex Apparatus we are aiming to have a custom User Interface that can be activated in game in order to give teams control of the track and it's many ramps/turrets/traps. Shown here in this Demo File

The Ramps/floor and Guns are controlled with the UI interface like so.

Each button controls a pair of the ramps and a pair of the guns. the guns firing at the centre target point and the ramps rotating for 3 seconds like so.

Ramp set two demonstrates the ability to reset the animation with it's reset button returning the ramps to their standard position when pressed. this allows for greater control over the environment by the player.

The kismet set up to enter the UI is thus.
The Matinee being the camera overshot of the map so the player can have a good view of what is going on in game.

The remote event is the exit button while in the UI which is opened upon touch and the open scene opens up the UI on touch of the trigger. the one visable in the first image.

All buttons in the UI are tied into Remote Events which are activated on the button being pressed. the kismet for the ramps and guns looking thus.
with the remote event kismet looking like this
the remote event in the above picture being tied into the below in the UI button Kismet

The Team Based UI in game editor

Red UI

Blue UI

Reason This Currently Doesn't Work For Multiplayer

Custom UI's as far as i can tell only appear for single player instances when made using kismet. as far as i can tell there is no way short of using Uscript to make this function on only one screen in a multiplayer map. as it stands when the map is cooked and these UI's are activated it appears on all players screens. however only the host can work it. the other players just see the UI and cannot work it. it still triggers all the ramps and so on. it's just redundant as no-one can race round the track while the UI is on their screen.

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